Company Name :株式会社Becquerel  Becquerel,Inc.
Head Office :531- 0041大阪府大阪市北区天神橋7丁目15番5号すきやねんビル6階

6F / 7-15-5 Tenjinbashi,Kita-ku,Osaka, Japan 531-0041
Branch Office :Hayama Los Angeles Honolulu
Director :今井良平 RYOHEI Imai
Founding :Mar1995 Nichieikousei Constrution
Change Of Firm Name :May2003 Becquerel
Establishment :Mar2010 Becquerel,Inc.( Capital Stock 3 million yen )
Capital Increase :Feb2011( Capital Stock 5 million yen )
Business Contents :Construction Design
Architectural Design Work
Garden Design
Furniture Design
Graphic Design
Product Design
Fashion-related Design
Protection Of The Environment
( Battery Playback Other Things )
Produce Business
Consulting Business
Maintenance management and
cleaning business of real estate
Number Of Employee :5 in the group company
Qualified Personnel :One(Second Class Architect )
Customer :Komaihaltec Inc.
Kyowatechnologies Co.,Ltd.
Takami Corporation
Honjo Co.,Ltd.
Chunagon Co.,Ltd.
Hotel Century Shizuoka
The Westin Miyako Kyoto
( Order Disparity・Without Honorifics )
Correspondent Bank :三菱UFJ銀行 The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd .
りそな銀行 Resona Bank, Limited.
関西みらい銀行 The Kansai Mirai Bank,Ltd.